About Us

Sandwich Graphic_v1ak-smallVietnamese cuisine is known for its fresh ingredients and distinct flavors. Yet many have never tried a Vietnamese dish. Our goal is to take the two most common dishes, pho and banh mi, and make them accessible to the masses.

Many Richmonders are familiar with pho (pronounced “fuh”), a Vietnamese noodle soup with beef broth served with an assortment of meat and vegetables but they are not familiar with banh mi sandwiches.

A result of French colonialism and combining French and native Vietnamese ingredients, the banh mi sandwich is served on a French-style baguette, with a choice of proteins (we offer chicken, pork and tofu), tangy carrots and daikon radishes, cucumbers and cilantro. Our version also offers a homemade aioli of sriracha, mayo and other herbs and spices.